Stories of Success

La 90 Bakery – Testimonial

“We tried Nesugar for a test on our most popular bread recipe and we could not believe that we were able to reduce our processing time from 105 minutes to 70 minutes or 33% reduction. Besides, we obtained softer and toasted breads with better appearance. These impacts directly our business bottom line”

Parameters observed in the production process of La 90 Bakery





Mix time

15 min

8 min

-7 min

Rising time

40 min

30 min

-10 min

Cooking time

50 min

30 min

-20 min

Total time

105 min

68 min

-37 min


Light brown

Bright brown

In a working day of 8 hours, up to 4.5 batches can be prepared when using granulated sugar, but when using NESUGAR ™ you can produce up to 7 batches during a workday.

This is very significant in terms of Productivity and Cost Savings


33% reduction in time means:

-33% energy savings
-33% reduction in labor cost
-33% reduction in operational costs, supervision and general overhead

This means even greater savings than expected, with an increase in productivity of over 33%.

Furthermore, if you use NESUGAR ™ your products will have a better appearance, improved texture and extended shelf life. Also, production processes can be automated, standardized and be safer, innocuous and cleaner.