nesugarMore Sweetness
Nesugar has a sweetness intensity equivalent to sugar. Nesugar can replace sugar in a one to one ratio. Nesugar Solid content is 40% sweeter than sucrose.

Improves taste and odor
The sweetness of Nesugar highlights the flavors of many fruits, citrus and spices in beverages, bakery fillings and dairy products.

Extends shelf life
Nesugar promotes freshness in several ways. Nesugar inhibits microbial spoilage and extend shelf life for its effective control of moisture. Foods also taste fresher because Nesugar protects the firm texture of canned fruits and reduces the "cold burns" in the frozen fruit.

Provides a better texture and palatability
Cookies, snack bars and other baked goods benefit from Nesugar because it keeps moisture and resists crystallization after baking.

Provides a better browning
Nesugar is a "reducing sugar" that provides a browning and superior flavor to baked goods such as breads, muffins, cookies, biscuits and breakfast cereals.

pansombraIncreases stability
Products made with Nesugar maintain the sweetness and flavor that could be affected by temperature changes in low acidity products. Also, they show better stability in carbonated and noncarbonated beverages, condiments (such as ketchup) and fruit preserves.

Provides better flow
Nesugar provides a better flow for frozen products like concentrates and ice creams because it reduces the freezing point. This is a great advantage on ice creams because it helps maintain a soft and creamy texture at freezer temperatures.

Facilitates fermentability
Sugars in Nesugar are fermentable. This is very important in the baking industry and is more economical than granular sugar. Also, glucose and sucrose are more easily fermented by the yeast than the sucrose.

  • Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water
  • Prevents Crystallization
  • Easier to store and manage
  • Reduces material handling
  • Eliminates dilution and filtration processes
  • Provides a higher yield per unit of fructose syrup against sucrose
  • Is less expensive comparatively with the sweetness of sugar unit