Delivery and Availability

In Caribbean Liquid Sugar we want to make your life easier by offering different means of transportation to make the delivery of our products to your doors. Generally we give our customer a lead time between 45 and 60 days to make the first shipment for large orders and then shipments are scheduled based on the customers’ requirements.

Please read below the different delivery option for our Syrups and contact us for more information about availability and more accurate lead times.


isotankRecommended mostly common for customer in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Intended for industrial customers with high consumption volumes we recommend to order our syrups in bulk quantities in stainless steel Iso-containers with 18,927 Liters capacity. These Iso-containers are maintained daily with the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness as required by our Good Manufacturing Program (GMP) and our HACCP certification. Our department of Quality Control and Microbiology assure the sanitization of all Iso-containers prior to load them with our Fructose & Glucose Syrups or other Liquid Sugars to guarantee a product completely free of contaminant agents.

Our Iso-Containers are equipped with pumps to make the delivery of your orders right into your storage system in a fast and secure manner. This system enables that our own personal can unload the Iso-container only with the supervision of one person from your operative personnel who signs and acknowledges the receipt of your order.


Flexible Containers

tanqueflexibleRecomended for Exports Customers with High Volume

For our international customers with high volumen in bulk quantities we recommend to use Flexible Tanks, also known as Flexitank Containers. Flexitanks is a very secure and convenient method of transport that consists in a big bag inside a regular 20’ sea container. The Flexitank is loaded and unloaded through a valve using a hose and can hold between 22,000 and 25,000 liters. The bag is not re-usable for food stuff and it is made by four exterior layers of polyethylene to provide resistance and one inner layer of food grade polypropylene approved by the FDA. The bag can be recycled.

FlexiTank provides many advantages being the most notorious the reduction in transportation cost and logistics because it does not require the return of an empty container from abroad as it is required with the Iso-containers.

ADVANTAGES Low Cost – Food Grade –Transports 40% more Syrups by container than compare with using 55 Gallons tanks– Fast and Automatic discharge in 60 minutes or less 

Every Flexitank follows an assemble procedure to guarantee that your order gets delivered as flawless as posible:

  1. Inspection and Container Cleaning
  2. Protection of container inner surfaces with corrugated paper
  3. Placement of flexitank bag inside container
  4. Valve assembly installation and product filling
  5. Protection Bars assembly installation
  6. Close and seal container

Note: For shipments to colder regions in their Winter season it is recommended using temperature controlled containers to prevent temperature to drop below 15C


Intermediate Bulk Containers

tanqflexRecommended for International Customers with Medium Volume and Flavored Syrups

This kind of container is mostly used by international customers with medium volumes. IBC has a similar concept to the Flexitanks, but they are made of a high density corrugated box with a standard pallet dimensions (48” x 40”), which contains on its inside a bag with two layers of food grade polyethylene.

The storage capacity of each IBC is if 1000 Liters.

Note: For shipments to colder regions in their Winter season it is recommended using temperature controlled containers to prevent temperature to drop below 15C


Other Packaging Options

Recommended for product Distributors, Wholesalers or customers with low volume

We also support other market segments in the wholesalers and consumers world. These packaging options are offered for local and international markets and it is one of the most versatile areas because of the great variety of flavors, packaging options and syrups blends.

screenshot061 Containers of 5 gallons or 25Kg

botplasBoxes with plastic bottles of 12oz, 16oz or 24 oz

sobr2Cases of 1000 packets of 5 grams, for food services, cafes, restaurants, hotels, airlines or offices