Tailored solutions” – If you are looking for a custom-made product, we can formulate syrups to your exact requirements, with specific ratios of sucrose to fructose-glucose, concentrations, colors, flavors and with added nutrients like vitamins and minerals to increase the added value of your products. This can apply to a diverse range of industry sectors.  

  • Co-Packing - Formulate, bottle and Label syrups to your specifications
  • Private Label - Produce custom private label syrups for your business


Natural Aditives and Options

If you are interested in one or more of the options mentioned below, please contact us to offer you more details and availability.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Technical Support

Personalized Service and Technical Support
Besides the benefits of our products, what distinguishes us from competition is the dedication and service provided by all our staff. CLS has a team of specialists in food science willing to provide the necessary support to help maximize the benefits of our Fructose & Glucose Syrup in all its processes and products

Bilingual assistance in English and Spanish

Available via:
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