Caribbean Liquid Sugar (CLS) is an industrial enterprise of private capital founded in 2006 as the first manufacturing company dedicated to the production and marketing of specialty natural liquid sweeteners for the international market. Currently our plant produces a Fructose and glucose Syrup and a variety of liquid sugars from granulated sugar using a proprietary biochemical process.

Our efforts are concentrated on the improvement of the quality your products, maximizing the productivity of the production processes and the improvement of the health of consumers of products which contain our liquid sweeteners as part of their ingredients. As such we cover a broad spectrum of manufacturing industries in the food, beverages and pharmaceutical sector, and the retail markets as Supermarkets and Distribution Centers, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.

Our product has a wide acceptance because of the advantages it offers to the food processing industry, being this demonstrated by our customers in the United States, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic (See our document on the 15 advantages)

Another factor favoring the high demand of our products is the entry of the Dominican Republic to the DR-CAFTA, the free trade agreement between USA, Central America and the DR.


The keys for the success of our business are:

  • The formation of strategic alliances with our suppliers and customers
  • The channeling of our international sales through key suppliers on the food industry on every market.
  • A high mutual cooperation among the different Governmental Institutions involved.
  • The value given to the contribution of our scientists and technicians in helping to maximize productivity in our production processes. Finally get the best of the more than a hundred years of combined experience and technical knowledge of our technical staff.


Our Long term plans consist of:

  • To expand our operations to international markets by installing new production facilities.
  • Development of agriculture for the production of our raw materials and community development.
  • To invest more resources for the development of new technologies in the food industry.