At Caribbean Liquid Sugar we manufacture sweetener syrups of a high quality, complying or exceeding the established standards. Our products are safe to consume and safe to use by the food industry.

Our most important goal is to supply our customers with a product that exceed their expectations described on specification documents mutually agreed.

Our personnel make efforts to contribute for our customers to feel satisfied with the quality of our products and the quality of our service through complete and on time deliveries.

We strongly believe in Continuous Improvement and in the training of our personnel, our most valuable asset.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a subject of growing concern for our society as the stress, from the result of human activities, becomes more evident in our ecosystems and our society. Companies play a crucial role in the reduction of the impact to the environment and society. It is the goal of Caribbean Liquid Sugar to offer high quality products which are at the same time eco- friendly and socially responsible.

We see our business as a part of a larger system in which everyone interests are fulfilled. This is why we assign a high importance and firmly believe in cooperation and communication among all involved in our supply chain, form our suppliers all the way through the end consumer.

People are the most valuable asset at Caribbean Liquid Sugar, reason for which we constantly celebrate human talent and give a great importance to innovation and creativity as foundations for the continuous improvement to constantly provide products that are “So Naturally Sweet”.